The snow moon and eerie light

Inspired by a fellow photographer the other night I have been testing out some long exposures the last few times I have ventured out. This has to be my favourite. 3 minutes with the cliffs lit up by the Snow moon.

Winter came and went.

I managed to get out last weekend for a walk with my daughter after a heavy snowfall.

I love how something so simple as snow can transform a landscape into something even more beautiful.

Back in a studio at last

It has been a while since i last posted. My day job has been a little crazy (in a good way) and I have had little time to shoot landscapes let alone portraits…. until last weekend.
The wonderful Miss Elsie May, a local burlesque dancer and I arranged this shoot months ago, so we eventually booked a studio (Studio Visage in Folkestone) and a MUA (Sister of Sinister) and headed off down to Folkestone to shoot…. and what a shoot it was. Really cannot wait to do more work like this.

Photographer and Image Copyright: Howard Widdison
Model: Miss Elsie May
MUA: Sister of Sinister
Lighting: Dom Reagan
Studio: Studio Visage


It doesn’t get much better

Life has been busy lately, but in such a good way. My day job working in wine is going well and I am learning so many new skills to help drive the team forward.

Photographywise things are awesome, with many new skills learned and connections made.

All in all life is good, I feel fulfilled, and it has taken so long to get here, and it has been a massive struggle but finally I feel I have a place in the world! For all those struggling, fight hard for what you want to achieve, it is worth it in the end.

Taken last night, this is another epic sunset from a local beauty spot that helps free my mind and focus on the future.

Blast from the past

A few years ago I worked with the awesome Sister of Sinister (Kristina) at my first ever studio day. I arrived very nervous and apprehensive with only a vague idea of what I was doing. Thankfully Kristina and her boyfriend/ studio owner were so helpful in sorting the lights and making suggestions and I came away with some awesome images.


A beautiful day

Last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot some natural light portraits in a location I think will be going at the top of my list for portraits. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and my muse for the day turned up in the most amazing and elegant dress, something like a Greek goddess! Can’t wait for another shoot like this.