Blast from the past

A few years ago I worked with the awesome Sister of Sinister (Kristina) at my first ever studio day. I arrived very nervous and apprehensive with only a vague idea of what I was doing. Thankfully Kristina and her boyfriend/ studio owner were so helpful in sorting the lights and making suggestions and I came away with some awesome images.



A beautiful day

Last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot some natural light portraits in a location I think will be going at the top of my list for portraits. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and my muse for the day turned up in the most amazing and elegant dress, something like a Greek goddess! Can’t wait for another shoot like this.

The weekend ahead

Last night was a chance to relax before a busy weekend of making new friends, a portrait shoot, lots of office work to catch up on and editing to do. So i headed for one of my favourite spots (Again) and tried a viewpoint I have not done before to capture the sunset. I hope you enjoy.

Do check out my portrait website if you have time and feed back your thoughts, I have been thinking of adding a landscape section…. let me know what you think. 


Spring has sprung at last

I took myself off out yesterday morning, hunting for suitable portrait locations and how the light plays out on a sunny morning and discovered that pretty much overnight, spring has sprung. One of my local parks…well actually it is two parks…Gildredge and Manor Park, was in it’s full glory with every tree packed with blossom, and the flower beds full of bluebells and plenty of buds and shoots coming up.

Well my mission was accomplished, these two locations seem to be ideal for family portraits and I look forward to capturing some portraits here soon


Failed sunset

Having recently shot a truly epic sunset up at Beachy Head, it inspired me to organise a couple of portrait shoots up there. I could just imagine the glorious golden sun backlighting the subject and giving them a nice hairlight with a little bit of fill flash to light up the face which would have been in shadow. Two people jumped at the chance to shoot with me so it was all arranged.

Then disaster…. Britain’s warm spring weather was cut short and back we went to cold rain!

But not to be put off we did manage to get a few shots, just not quite what we had planned!


An opportunity came to shoot with the cutely name Bunny Velvet to shoot in and amongst the blossom at Preston Park, Brighton. Sadly the blossom was non existent (my bad I should have checked first), and the park packed with people enjoying the first proper sunny days of spring. So we found a lone tree for a bit of shade, and set to get the best images we could. I think these are destined for my website