Failed sunset

Having recently shot a truly epic sunset up at Beachy Head, it inspired me to organise a couple of portrait shoots up there. I could just imagine the glorious golden sun backlighting the subject and giving them a nice hairlight with a little bit of fill flash to light up the face which would have been in shadow. Two people jumped at the chance to shoot with me so it was all arranged.

Then disaster…. Britain’s warm spring weather was cut short and back we went to cold rain!

But not to be put off we did manage to get a few shots, just not quite what we had planned!



An opportunity came to shoot with the cutely name Bunny Velvet to shoot in and amongst the blossom at Preston Park, Brighton. Sadly the blossom was non existent (my bad I should have checked first), and the park packed with people enjoying the first proper sunny days of spring. So we found a lone tree for a bit of shade, and set to get the best images we could. I think these are destined for my website

Making time stand still

Inspired by an old black and white image, I arranged to shoot with the awesome Stevie-Leigh in London last week, and when she arrived in a nice bright bold dress I could not resist gettingĀ  a shot that stood out against the daily drudge of boring colour that people still wear to work in London….. greys, blues and black. A half second exposure was just enough to convey the movement of the commuters walking by on their way to London Bridge Station whilst short enough for Stevie to stand motionless whilst i got the shot. Do check out my website if you like my work


Those eyes

A friend, very kindly loaned me her daughter for an hour so that I could practice some child portraits. What a delight she was to work with, she has the most amazing eyes, and is full of laughter and smiles. It is moments like this that make me relish the life I live and I hope I get to experience these moments time and time again throughout my journey as a photographer.

If you are in East Sussex, and want a portrait shoot done, do get in touch with me via my website.


What do I know?

My 9 year old is staying with me for half term, and last night she begged me to take her out to photograph the sunset. “What sunset, it is chucking it down with rain” I proclaimed, but she persisted so I decided to entertain her silly notion. I prepped the camera’s, expecting to leave them in the bag, and drove to the spot she had asked to go to, to be confronted with what turned out to be a very atmospheric sunset! Think I should listen to her more often.

Time to kick back

It has been a crazy week trying to stay on top of all the shoots I had booked in. Whilst technically it may not be the most perfect lighting by far the most enjoyable shoot was with Ryan, a chap who is heading off to Taiwan to live, to work as a teacher but as a back up wanted to experience modelling with a view to doing this out there if he needs to so agreed to shoot with me on my Street Lights Project.

2 hours of shooting and a lot of laughter and we had some good shots in the bag.